• Co-Directed by Jay Brown
  • Co-Directed by Gabe Bornstein
  • Head of Production Jake Eisner
  • Writer Annie Stamell
  • Lead 3D Animator Jared Flynn
  • Post Supervisor Jared Flynn
  • 3D Designer Antoni Tudisco
  • 3D Motion Designer Grace Casas
  • 3D Motion Designer Richard Lampasone
  • 3D Motion Designer Andrew Prousalis
  • 2D Animator Cory Anderson
  • Editor Jay Brown
  • Additional Editor Rob Fraebel
  • Additional Editor Peter Campbell
  • Additional Editor Tristan Anderson
  • Voiceover Artist Yolanda Spearman
  • Studio Engineer Studios on the Pond
  • Sound Mix + Design Eggmen
  • Color Sam Ferguson

Iguanas wearing sunglasses. Dancing furry creatures. Grillz…

What do these have to do with Spotify? Well, you can find out in The Game Plan, an original 3D-animated video series designed to educate artists on the most important aspects of using Spotify to manage and grow their careers.

In the early days of the pandemic, Spotify approached us to reimagine their ongoing series, “The Game Plan” as a 3D animated, COVID-safe update. So, we put on our 3D hats, remotely captured footage with music industry experts worldwide, and came up with a revamped look and feel for this collaboration with Spotify for Artists.


Take a peek behind the curtain of The Game Plan on Behance.
Check out a full episode of The Game Plan below!