Spotify for Artists



  • Creative Direction ROVE
  • Head of Production Jake Eisner
  • Design Bryan Louie
  • Lead Animator Jared Flynn
  • Animator Arley Cornell
  • Animator Gabriele Calvi
  • Animator Riccardo Agostinelli
  • Sound Design + Mix One Thousand Birds
  • Creative Sound Lead Hayley Livingston

Circles, squares, pyramids we called on all of our shape-friends for this imaginative explainer video for Spotify!

What better way to bring life to complex, data-driven processes than with imaginative 2D design and animation? In this explainer video for Spotify, we created a world in which songs, artists, and playlists are represented by an array of shapes and objects, telling the story of how Spotify’s playlist ecosystem benefits musicians.



Check out the full video below!