Spotify for Podcasters



  • Co-Directed by Jay Brown
  • Co-Directed by Gabe Bornstein
  • Head of Production Jake Eisner
  • Design Philip Nordstrom
  • Lead Animation Cory Anderson
  • Rigging + Animation Tom Wilusz
  • Animation Jared Flynn
  • Animation Simon Trotz
  • Animation Andy Barbo
  • Sound Design + Mix Red Vault Audio

What was originally pitched as a mix of live-action footage and animation pivoted to an entirely animated and remote workflow, and dare we say, it rules.

Scripted, conceptualized and produced by our team, The Input is an everything-you-need-to-know video series empowering podcast creators to get the most out of Spotify.
Check out the rollout and all of the full episodes here.


The Input won two Silver Tellys in the 43rd annual Telly Awards!


Check out a full episode of The Input below!