• Creative Direction ROVE
  • Head of Production Jake Eisner
  • Nidia DIas Art Direction
  • Jared Flynn Animation
  • Michael Lovett Music
  • Red Vault Audio Sound Design + Mix

The Sonos brand’s bold commitment to innovation in home audio has always inspired us.

We paid homage to their mission in this spec commercial created entirely in-house.

Sonos’ tagline, “The future of listening,” spurred a conversation; how could we capture this message visually and imaginatively conceptualize a new spot for the brand?


From the beginning, the goal was to find vibrant ways of visualizing sound and connectivity in our design approach. Our designer, Nidia Dias, brought these themes to life with mesmerizing ‘flowers’ featuring electric expanding properties.


It’s no secret that we love anything remotely sci-fi inspired, so Nidia’s styleframes were exactly our cup of tea.



When approaching the motion of these designs, we knew we wanted to start the spot in a tastefully stylized, relatively grounded space, only to fly inside the speaker where the vibrant world of psychedelia where abstract visualizations would exist.



Sure, floating, psychedelic, electro-flowers inside of a speaker is far-fetched…but it’s bold thinking that inspires and ultimately bridges the gap between the impossible and the practical.