Pigeons & Planes + Stem



  • Executive Producer Gabe Bornstein
  • Director Jay Brown
  • Head of Production Jake Eisner
  • Director of Photography Damien Blue
  • Design + Animation Florence Levasseur
  • Editor Joseph Carter

Talent is only half of the key to success in the music industry. The other half is business strategy.

“The Other Half” is a TikTok native series that goes behind-the-scenes with artists about how they earn their paychecks.

We flew out to LA to meet up with JELEEL!, Aries, Emotional Oranges and Junior Varsity to see if we could get a bit more info about how they’ve gotten to where they are in the industry. Some shared stories about their social media strategy, some spoke about faking insurance applications for cheaper COIs. We learned that there was no clear-cut path to making it. They all found their unique way to success.



We wanted the series’ branding to match the raw nature of our conversations with the artists. Adding movement to the 35mm photography captured on set helped each episode feel gritty and textured. Cutty motion graphics nicely complemented the bold nature of the subject matter.



Check out the Pigeons & Planes TikTok page for the full episodes!