America's Test Kitchen



  • Co-Directed by Gabe Bornstein
  • Co-Directed by Jay Brown
  • Head of Production Jake Eisner
  • Post Supervisor + Animator Jared Flynn
  • Designer Gabriele Calvi
  • Lead Animator Tom Wilusz
  • Sounds Mix + Design Red Vault Audio

Here at ROVE, we all enjoy food. Breakfast in the morning is sacred. Don’t forget lunch. And dinner? Big fans of dinner.

One day after snack time, we picked up the phone to hear from none other than America’s Test Kitchen.
“An animated series for kids explaining the science behind cooking?” we asked in disbelief.
“We love food!” It was a match made in heaven.

Check out all of the full episodes of the food science explainers on the America’s Test Kitchen Kids Youtube Channel.


Bon appétit! Hope you and your kids enjoy (:


Check out a full episode of the Food Science Explainers below!