Allagash Brewing



  • Creative Direction ROVE
  • Head of Production Jake Eisner
  • DP Gabe Bornstein
  • Art Direction + Styling Ellie Stone
  • Gaffer Phil Cormier
  • Grip Joel Osgood
  • Editor Jay Brown
  • Lead Animator + Compositer Jared Flynn
  • Animator Cory Anderson
  • Colorist Phil Choe @ Nice Shoes
  • Song: "Way Back In" Coyote Island
  • Sound Design + Mix Red Vault Audio

Our friends at Allagash approached us to have some fun with their latest beer release, Hop Reach!

It’s juicy, citrusy and very easy to polish off a couple of them any time of year.

We set out to make a spot that looks as delicious as the beer tastes. For us, that meant having fun with Hop Reach’s colorful, illustrative can art.


We busted out the macro lens to feature the beer front and center! We even put on our scuba goggles to get inside the beer can to capture the beer as it poured. Mmmmmmm…beer.


To bring the can label to life with animation, we decided to play off the word “reach” and animate the hop vines on the label reaching up the can.


Ok, enough of this…time for a beer! (That we will drink very responsibly)